Tips for Senior Writers

The purpose of the website is to pass along to your friends and families life experiences you have had during your lifetime. Young family members and recent friends and acquaintances know you as an older person. But you weren’t always old with all the frailties you have now. Somewhere in there is a younger person to which your young friends and family can relate. It is those experiences that help provide guidelines for their lives. To know you when you were their age. The ups and downs of life. When the best laid plans ran afoul of living life, and when you had those times in your life when you were at the oft-quoted “sweet spot”. When your education and preparation came together in a way that is memorable. Those are the stories that sons and daughters, granddaughters and grandsons, nieces and nephews, grand nieces and nephews and close friends will find fascinating.

  1. The manuscript provided for posting will be easiest to post if it is prepared in twelve-point Times Roman font, 1.5 spaces, not single spaced.
  2. Regarding the length or word count of your submission, it will make no difference if a writer submits 500 words or 100,000 or more, however it is suggested the manuscript is edited by a friend or associate since it will be posted as received under the author’s name.
  3. Subject matter for the blogs is wide open, except for politics due to the wide divergence of political opinions.
  4. There is little expectation that obscene material will be submitted, but submission of manuscripts that would not be suitable for children will not be accepted.
  5. Senior writers, who may wish to retain anonymous, could use a pen name which only family and friends would know, or it can be posted with “Anonymous” where the writer’s attribution is.
  6. Concerning copyright issues, providing the work is the original work of the author there are no issues. A copyright statement will be included with each submission with the author’s name and “copyright 2018 all rights reserved” at the end of the blog. A word of caution. Publishing other authors, even if you are the subject is plagiarism.
  7. If for some reason the writer is concerned about having the blog available to the public, then do not participate. It will be assumed that if the material is submitted for posting, the writer is aware the work is available to the public.

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