What We're About

This is a new website devoted to those senior writers who would like to see their work published so it can be shared with friends and family inexpensively. Prior to the advent of blogging on the World Wide Web, writers first had to seek a publisher, or self-publish with a copy service, and then along came Amazon that revolutionized self-publishing, but it is still relatively expensive.

Mark Burgess, a web architect, has volunteered to design, develop and “house” www.seniorwritersgroup.com. And Milt Burgess has volunteered to provide the administration of the site, i.e., maintain it and post the writing submitted.

Realizing not everyone has a computer, those that do can help those who don’t by printing whatever is posted. It would be a joint effort inexpensively done. The only expense is paper and ink for printing a copy for those without a computer

Friends and family of the authors can view the writing providing they have access to a computer or a smart phone. Or the author can have someone print the work and mail it to them. A computer user will click on their browser www.seniorwritersgroup.com to get the “home” page where a list of the authors can be found. By clicking on the author’s name, the submitted manuscripts comes up to read and/or to be printed.

For those in the group who have already prepared typed copy, it is a simple matter to turn typed copy into a Microsoft Word file. Handwritten material will be keyboarded, however, if possible, have someone prepare a typed submission. A volunteer has generously offered to keyboard handwritten copies to produce Microsoft Word files, with the caveat that one printed copy will be provided to the author.

Blogging has become an accepted way for authors to publish work on the internet. The good news is there is no editor or screening between the writer and the reader. The bad news is there is no editor between the writer and the reader. But it is an inexpensive way to see your work in print and available to friends and family.