Seeing the Man in the Moon in a New Light

Everyone knows that the moon is made of green cheese. NASA, the National

Aeronautics and Space Administration has verified this several times, along with

other scientifically confirmed facts. For example, while standing on earth, we see

only one side of the moon, and never see the other side, if it has one.

Everyone also knows about the man in the moon. But If you look at it when it’s

full, and the night is clear, you can also see a rabbit in the moon! It has two long

ears at the top, pointing to the right. Its head faces left, its body is visible, and

there’s even a round, puffy shape in exactly the right spot for the bunny tail!


According to legend, an ancient Chinese princess was extremely hungry There

was a famine throughout the land, and even royalty were short of food. On

hearing of the plight of the princess, Buddha, the great enlightened one

transformed himself into a rabbit and went into the forest to hunt for food.

Unfortunately, after a long and thorough search, he could find none at all. But

being loyal to the throne, and possessing truly great love and courage, he

returned to the palace and threw himself into a fire, to be cooked as a lifesaving

meal for the princess.


On learning of such a heroic deed, she saw to it that the image of the rabbit was

imprinted on the surface of the moon, so all humanity could forever see, and do

honor to this magnificent animal. It was, you see, an exceptionally rare hare!


So, the next time you look at a full moon, on a crystal-clear night, you may, in

fact see it in a new light.


Copyright 2019 Gerald J. Dnessen

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