Thanksgiving Meditations

A Beautiful Sunrise

 One morning as I was driving to work, I saw one of the most beautiful sunrises I had ever seen.

Along the way I spied a homeless person who had stopped pushing his cart along the sidewalk and was gazing at that same sunrise.

How grateful I felt that the beauty in creation is a free gift to all, regardless of our financial status.


Giving Out of Poverty


While reading the book of II Corinthians in the

eighth chapter, I read of the Macedonian churches.

“For in a severe test of affliction, their abundance of joy

and their extreme poverty have overflowed in a wealth

of generosity on their part.”

I was reminded of a friend who grew up in extreme poverty

in Belize.  She related, “If anyone got an onion, they would

cut it in four pieces and hand a piece over the fence to three

neighbors so everyone would have a little extra flavor in their

soup that day.”

Giving out of our plenty is an enjoyable experience.  But

I wonder if I have ever given out of my poverty?

Grade A

“Those eggs aren’t checks,”

commented Richard as he non-chalantly

passed by the table.

Yes, I usually bought checks at a local egg ranch —

“Checks” was the term given to eggs that were

not of the quality to be sold in stores.

That flat of eggs, however, had been brought to us by an egg-rancher friend.

“Yes, Richard, you are right,” I answered.

“When God sends eggs to us,

He gives us Grade A.”

Our Needs/God’s Supply

 “My God shall supply all your needs,”

was the caption on the church bulletin.

Maybe it was faith?

or perhaps a challenge?

or some of both?

But I slipped a piece of paper inside the cover

to start my list.  We were certainly in a

time of need.

The calls began:

“We caught lots of fish!  Can you use some?”

“If you will kill that mean rooster for me,

you can cook it!” was another offer.

“The pizza place had to bake these samples,

and they can’t be sold.  Would you

like one?”

Lord, why do we often equate abundance with your blessing?

We seem to recognize your goodness more when we are in need.


  1. Jean on November 18, 2018 at 10:42 pm

    Enjoy the readings , Lenona always has such stories to tell and inspirational thoughts .

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