Another Curve Ball!

When asked the frequently asked question, “How are you?”

An old and wonderful friend of mine used to respond with, “STILL KICKING, BUT NOT AS HIGH!”

That’s my situation, too.

Still swimming, but not as far, Still dancing, but not as fast. Still loving, but not as often.

Still sleeping, but not as regular. Still jumping, but not as far.

Still kicking, but not as high.

Let me tell you, all you young people, Old age develops your resilience.

lt strengthens your tolerance for pain.

It grows your capacity to change quickly as things shift around you. it FORCES you to ADAPT…OR DIE!

Old age (I’m seventy-three now), throws you CURVE BALLS, Hard to hit, deceptive, unexpected curve balls.

Last month, I lost my sense of taste!

What an unwelcome development. What a poke in my gustatory eye. What a pain in my sagging ass!

This swiftly took away one of the great, frequent and simple daily pleasures of life. The delicious taste of food and drink.

Now, all i can barely taste is the lemon-lime flavoring of Gatorade. Everything else tastes like wax, cardboard, paper or grit!

So far, the doctors, nurses, pharmacists and neurologists Have found no basis for the change!

There’ to be an explanation, but I don’t have it yet. It may be (gulp) A PERMANENT LOSS!

I’ve learned some new words though, Dysgeusia and anosmia.

Believe me when I say that I would gladly forego their addition to my vocabulary.



Copyright by Gerald Driessen 2008 All Rights Reserved

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