Out and About on the Grossmont Gardens Bus

Our bus driver for Grossmont Gardens, Harry, stood waiting for our last rider to arrive. I had arrived early to board the bus. He was inside the bus by the open front door. While we are waiting Harry told us jokes, he said he learned from his 7th grade students at the junior high school where he is a teacher.

After the last person to sign up arrived he went around the front of bus, opened his drivers side door, climbed in, closed the passenger door, told another joke and finally started the engine and rolled away and toward the freeway.

Instead of taking I8 he took us on an unexpected route through our beautiful back country covered with beautiful yellow, orange and lavender wildflowers.

He drove us, not only through the wildflowers, but also past buildings of historical interest past areas where we could see glimpses of beautiful blue Mission Bay. He finally turned onto I8 where we could see more yellow wildflowers all along Mission Bay, then past charming Old Mission Beach and their historic old long pier as he told its history. Then he continued out along the cliffs on Pt. Loma.

At dinner I described the beauty and interesting sights we have seen on our bus rides. we saw from the bus—the San Diego River, Mission Bay, Old Mission Beach and the ocean view of breaking white waves against the blue of the ocean. I told my dinner companions Jessie has driven us to the end of Pt Loma to see the old historic light house and the flowers around it—down the west side of Pt. Loma to see the newer light house, closer to the water where sailors can see the navigation light better beneath the clouds.

I was delighted to see my friends signing up for the bus rides after I had described what I had seen and heard them say, “I’m going to sign up.” I’ve never missed a trip all year.

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