Seeing the Man in the Moon in a New Light

By Gerald Driessen | January 2, 2020

Everyone knows that the moon is made of green cheese. NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has verified this several times, along with other scientifically confirmed facts. For example, while standing on earth, we see only one side of the moon, and never see the other side, if it has one. Everyone also knows…

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I’ve a “3W’ Dog

By Thalia Driessen | January 9, 2019

Max wanders. Max wunders, and Max wags.   Copyright 2018 Thalia Driessen All rights reserved.

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I’m a “3W’ Man

By Gerald Driessen | January 9, 2019

I wander. I wonder, and, I write.   Copyright 2005 Gerald J. Driessen All rights Reserved

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A Septuagenarian’s Grand Canyon Adventure

By Bobette Drimmel | January 6, 2019

It all began in October of 2004, when I watched my daughter in-law, Sylvie (Kiki) Drimmel, complete the Susan G Komen breast cancer walk 1 was inspired beyond words as I witnessed Kiki and the many thousands of other walkers head for the home stretch. At the closing ceremonies I told Kiki I wanted to…

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Deep Roots, Out Where the Sage Grows So Tall

By Milton Burgess | January 1, 2019

Out where the sage grows so tall, You can scarcely see the herds of cattle at all. Out where the sun set is so red, There’s where the jack rabbits were plenty, And the fluffy little cottontails were many. The Big Muddy Creek where many trout were found, And the little gray squirrels ran all…

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Suggestions for Writing Your Life Story

By Gerald Driessen | December 31, 2018

Start by making a brief outline of your life, decade by decade. Where were you born? When? Family size? Describe your childhood. What do you remember as positive events? Negative events ? Holidays and celebrations? Schools, friends, organizations, teachers, pets? Teen years? Moves? Jobs? Friends? Twenties: education, jobs, love life, adventures, aspirations, national events.Thirties, forties,…

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Tales of Survival

By Betty Kaseman | December 31, 2018

Some people enjoy talking to hear their own voice or just to fill the void of silence. However, l discovered when working at the Veterans Administration Outpatient Clinic in San Diego this was not always the case. “Morning, Miss Betty. Did you know today is free day at the zoo? I think that’s very generous…

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On Keeping Vanessa

By Carol Blashfield Frey Rawlins | December 30, 2018

My mother was a sweet, gentle woman of the Old South – brought up to work hard, extend hospitality, provide comfort, serve where called, serve her God, and do all with patience and grace. She dreamed of going to China as a medical missionary, of saving the heathens for Jesus. How peculiar, then, that she…

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Christmas in San Diego

By Gerald Driessen | December 22, 2018

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the town No roses were frozen, no snow fluttered down. No children in flannels were tucked into bed they all were shorty pajamas instead. T0 find Christmas bouquets was not very hard, For poinsettias grew in every backyard. In front of the houses, Daddies and Moms. were …

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Back Home Again

By Gerald Driessen | December 13, 2018

It feels sooooo good to be back home again! On the road, away from your abode it’s hard to find stuff, searching for things can be tough.   Things you really NEED, aren’t always there indeed, Like scissors, and scotch tape and flashlights and pocket knives.   (Damn those terrorists!),   And finger nail files…

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Another Curve Ball

By Gerald Driessen | December 12, 2018

When asked the frequently asked question, “How are you? An old and wonderful friend of mine used to respond with, “Still Kicking, BUT NOT AS HIGH!” That’s my situation, too. Still swimming, but not as far, Still dancing, but not as fast. Still loving, but not as often. Still sleeping, but not as regular. Still…

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