Back Home Again

It feels sooooo good to be back home again!

On the road, away from your abode

it’s hard to find stuff, searching for things can be tough.


Things you really NEED, aren’t always there indeed,

Like scissors, and scotch tape and flashlights and pocket knives.


(Damn those terrorists!),


And finger nail files and medications;

and people’s phone numbers and email addresses and meditations.


They’re just not there, in convenient places;

Waiting to be plucked out from their usual spaces.



It feels soooo good to be back home again.


At home… everything you need is comfortably in its place,

Available on short notice, no hesitations,

No searches necessary, no wondering, no reservations,

no waiting in line…just grab and go.

Stay in the flow…with immediacy, purpose, clarity.


I love being back home again.

My bed is perfect.

The pillows are exactly right,

Ready and waiting, every night.


No compromises needed,

All directions, already heeded,

All my actions, nicely speeded,

Moving cleanly to completion and SATISFACTION!


Temperatures are controllable, Umbrellas are available,

Favorite foods, on the’ table,

No waiting, No debating, No hesitating.


Direct, effective, productive action. Results on demand…exactly as planned.

It feels sooo good to be back home again.


Copyright by Gerald T. Driesen 2018 All Rights Reserved-originally composed 2005

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