Crisis in the Village of Orangeville

‘Twas an ordinary morning, on an ordinary day in the very ordinary village (except the oranges) of Orangeville when the unthinkable occurred. Since time began oranges magically appeared at the fruit stand in the village square. All the townspeople, and those who came before them assumed there would be an unending supply of oranges in all shapes and forms available for the taking. Orangeville was named for that orange fruit stand in the village square. People came from miles around to sample the delectable sweet fruit that only had one major flaw. The outer skin had to be removed to reveal the dripping fresh orange pulp concealed under the peeling.

On the morning in question, the first to arrive to gather oranges looked with horror at the vacant bins where the oranges had always been. As the crowd gathered quiet glances and murmuring grew to shouts of “Where are the oranges!”

The mayor of Orangeville, hearing the noise of the disgruntled crowd, the numbers overflowing the square, feared a riot was soon to follow. He quickly assembled his council and with them stood on the platform overlooking the square where he often addressed the townspeople using a megaphone.

Above the noise of the mob, he shouted, “We hear you; we understand your anguish and fears.” Then the chant started. “Bring back the oranges, bring back the oranges, bring back the oranges.” It became louder and louder drowning out the Mayor as he tried to calm the masses. Surrendering to the situation, he retreated to his office where he assembled a fact-finding task force.

Surrounded by his council members, the Mayor announced we will need to enlist the Orangeville Criminal Investigative Service (OCIS). “Without the oranges, even the name of our village will mean nothing until we get to the bottom of this,” he concluded.

The OCIS, using its forensic resources following the facts lead them to the truth. Reporting back to the Mayor and Council, the lead investigator said, “There is no criminal activity. We believe there was a huge misunderstanding by the powers that bring oranges to Orangeville. The disconnect occurred when they had done a survey of the townspeople who, taking the orange supply for granted, simply did not respond. But now, the powers realizing how important the oranges are for a source of vitamin C, are striving for a healthier community and reinstituted the supply of oranges to Orangeville. And that problem of peeling the fruit was resolved by cutting the tough outer shell in a zig-zag patter for easy peeling.

At the next mayoral election, the Mayor was put back in office with a huge majority and the townspeople of Orangeville lived happily ever after.


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